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No. 2   Quantum A.I Trade
Quantum A.I TradeThumbnail
Our Rating:
Monitoring: 525 days  
Our Invested: $201.00
Payout ratio: 129%
User Votes: 59  
Last Paid: Feb-27,2021
  viphyips.net/all ISP AllHyipData allhyipdetails.com
Plans: 0.1% - 2% daily Forever | 5% daily for 365 days, 10% daily for 180 days (Withdrawal available after 365 days) 
Min / Max Deposit: $10 / 200000 
Withdrawal: Manual  
Support: EMAIL  
QuantumAI.trade is a successful Quantum Computing and A.I-oriented investment company . Our solutions are complex, automated and using the market leading self-learning trading program, which aims at high profits within a short periodof time. Quantum Computing and A.I gives us the prospect of hundreds of correct trading decisions in matters of seconds.
RCB For Quantum A.I Trade
Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
$10-$10 5% 640% --- 150% ---
$11-$20 5% 420% --- 130% ---
$21-$50 5% 330% --- 130% ---
$51-$100 5% 220% --- 130% ---
$101-$200 5% 140% $4 100% $1
$201-$400 5% 130% $8 100% $2
$401-$600 5% 120% $10 100% $3

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Note: All RCB offer are floating,we have the right to adjust and disable RCB option for any project at any time!
1. You can't deposit with one pay processor and request RCB payment from another.
2. Please Do NOT submit RCB requestment if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.
3. This offer is for gold-lister.com downlines only, your request will be deleted if you are not our referral. We only offer 50% referral commission back to Hyip Monitor,Lister,Hyip Blog or other hyip related owners.
4. When you request ref back the Email address must be the same as you used for registering the project !!!
5. All RCB payment not claimed within 2 Days after the deposit date will be deemed WAIVED in favor of charity.
6. If your RCB payment request had been deleted, it means that you are not my referral or broken the rules of RCB.
7. RCB will be processed 1-3 working days after requested.
8. Refback requests in already 'not paying' programs where we did not receive RC for your deposits will also be deleted in our database.

if fail submit RCB , please send email to us goldlistercom[at]gmail[.]com.
please tell us your username, deposit amount and ec and hyip program name.
If you still have any question, please feel free to contact with us.

All RCB Info For Quantum A.I Trade
Date User Deposit/RCB EC-No Status
2020-12-28 07:30:47 Kr****** $10/$0.75 U1388**** Paid
2020-12-26 06:22:22 Kr****** $10/$0.75 U1388**** Paid
2020-12-23 20:10:17 Kr****** $10/$3.2 U1388**** Paid
2020-10-11 16:35:34 av****** $20/$4.2 U2496**** Paid
2019-11-13 04:25:42 Dr****** $10/$2.25 U1275**** Paid
2019-11-11 10:18:46 Bu****** $10/$2.5 U1442**** Paid
2019-11-11 07:11:50 be****** $10/$2.5 U791**** Paid
2019-09-26 08:17:47 by****** $20/$3 U161**** Paid
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